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Below, we detail the entire process:

Who should do it?

Each person occupying the room must go through this process, not just the reservation holder. When checking in, you will find a "share" link on the platform so that other guests can enter their details and complete the process.


We recommend completing the process well in advance, although we remind you that it is mandatory to have completed it before arriving at the hotel.

Start enjoying your stay in Barcelona!

Access online check-in
To access online check-in, simply enter the reservation number and arrival date at the hotel.
Required information
You have the option to manually fill in the data or do it automatically by photographing both sides of the identity documents.
• Country, type, and number of identification document.
• First and Last Name
• Gender: male/female
• Date of birth
• Issuance and expiration date of the document
• Address and postal code (with country and city of residence)
• Email
Accept our privacy policy
• We will ask you to accept our privacy policy.
• We will ask if you want to receive special offers from the Majestic Hotel Group.
Sign the contract digitally
You can now sign the contract digitally, and we consider check-in complete.
We will send you an email informing you of:
1.- That you have successfully completed the entire process,
2.- It will be attached:
• Accommodation contract and registration card.
• Access code for the entrance door to access the building from the outside.
• QR code necessary for obtaining the key to your apartment.