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Arts & Culture


This Modernist building is located in Paseo de Gracia. Antoni Gaudi's master piece builded between 1906 and 1912. UNESCO World Heritage in 1984.


The most emblematic art work of Gaudi  and Barcelona's symbol. Original, fantastic and full of imagination façade. UNESCO World Heritage in 2005.


Worldwide symbol of Barcelona, the great unfinished masterpiece of Gaudi. Gothic-Byzantine architecture that highlights the shape and expressiveness.

Shopping & Fashion


One of the most famous in the world, both for its shops as for its outstanding architectural works. You will find shops like Chanel , Bulgari, Zara or Mango.


Rambla de Catalunya is perfect for shopping and enjoy the picturesque bars and restaurants located along the street. A shopping paradise.


This pedestrian street of Barcelona is famous for gathering a large number of shops and clothing brands. It is ideal for a shopping afternoon for all tastes.



Its undulating, dynamic roof reproduces the colours of fruit and vegetables. Created in 1845 to supply the Ribera and Born neighbourhoods with foodstuffs, it has now become a tourist attraction where you can discover local and seasonal ingredients.


Located in the former convent of Saint Agustin. Representations of the origins of chocolate, its arrival in Europe. Medicinal and nutritional value, myth and reality.

Torelló Experience - Majestic Experience

The Torelló Experience by Majestic begins with a journey from the heart of Barcelona to Torelló Viticultors, a natural setting facing the famous mountains of Montserrat. During the visit, you can taste a selection of wines and discover the different spaces where the Torelló sparkling wines are cultivated and produced. This Majestic Experience is designed for wine enthusiasts who enjoy being surrounded by nature.

For more information and reservations, Concierge Dpt.: T +34 93 488 1717 (ext. 2246) · [email protected]

"Eat well, Feel well”

Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona has created this experience that in collaboration with Alôft Health Boutique, a new concept of wellness space, begins with a complete diagnosis of body health followed by a gastronomic experience in Restaurant SOLC based on the recommended ingredients.

Made in Barcelona

The “Made in Barcelona” is a new offering from the already established experiences offered by Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, which are committed to creating an everlasting memory of a trip like no other for its guests. In this tour, travellers will have the opportunity to visit some of most unique artisanal shops in the city, taking a closer look on their production journey from finding inspiration to delivering beautifully crafted masterpieces.

Navigation and Enology

The day begins at Port Bell where, after boarding a sailboat, guests can enjoy a cruise filled with marvelous and novel panoramas of the city.
A journey of less than an hour will take you to the Alta Alella wineries in the Maresme region. The vines are planted on slopes between altitudes of 100 and 250 meters, creating an spectacular view of the vineyards, with Barcelona and the sea in the background. An expert sommelier from the winery will guide you in the enjoyment of local wines.
Created for all those fans of sailing and wine lovers who love a chic lifestyle for special occasions.

Speed and Adrenaline

To begin, guests may select a vehicle from among several luxury cars, such as a Lamborghini, a Ferrari or a Porsche. They will be picked up in their chosen vehicle at the hotel entrance, be chauffeured through the city, and arrive at a professional racetrack.
Once there, they can enjoy their 500-horsepower sports car, and try out the impossible. This adventure gives guests the chance to drive some legendary cars while burning off some adrenaline!
For those devotees of speed and cars, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona presents a unique and an adrenaline-charged experience, in conjunction with the Drive Me company.

Art, Culture and Luxury from the 19th Century

This Majestic Experience departs from the normal tourist circuit, and introduces the "Remarkable Residences" project, which allows guests to discover some of the city's least recognized, yet most impressive modernist houses. These residences were inhabited by collectors who were also lovers of interior design and art, offering a cultural opportunity available to only a few guests.
Included are places such as the Rocamora Private Cultural Foundation, an Elizabethan mansion that houses a private collection of unique works of art from Spain, Europe and part of the Americas, or the Casa Amatller, a landmark designed by Josep Puig i Cadafalch, an artistic contemporary of Antoni Gaudí, which has preserved the original 1900 furniture.
The culmination of the experience will be a private dinner, surrounded by art and history, held in the dining room of one of the houses. Barcelona is a city with a long and impressive architectural history, revealed all along its avenues and in the buildings belonging to the Catalan gentry.

Fishermen's Market

Fishermen's Market

One of the great hidden gems of Barcelona is its fishing port, and with it, its market, where every day fishermen, caterers and professionals come together to bid for the best prices and the most succulent fish. Anna Bozzano, marine biologist, will explain how the market functions, the art of fishing and the structure of the port.
This is an exclusive tour, since Ms. Bozzano is the market's only approved tourist guide. After tasting a selection of the best tapas in the landmark bars of the classic fisherman's neighbourhood known as "La Barceloneta", this most maritime Majestic Experience ends with an exquisite supper in which a chef prepares for guests the fish that was bought that very afternoon at the fishermen's market.

The Chocolate Trail

Only for the sweetest tastes, this Majestic Experience introduces guests to the chocolate industry of Barcelona, the European city that invented hot chocolate. Guests can sense that history around them, since the tradition has been maintained until modern times.
Mercedes Castelló, historian and creator of this magical trip for Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, will take guests on a tour of the most traditional chocolatiers, such as Dulcinea or La Granja, along with the more recent ones, such as Chök or Be Chocolat, transforming them into chocolate experts for the day, thanks to her entertaining workshops.
Ms. Castelló will explain the history of old Barcelona, ounce by ounce, while strolling through el Gotico and el Raval.

Even much more...

Our concierge and all the team of professionals will be at your disposal to propose these experiences or arrange any other one in a different and tailored way to each visitor.
Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, at Passeis de Gracia boulevard, one of the most iconic hotels in Barcelona, and a benchmark in luxury and style both in Spain and around the world, continues to innovate and astonish its guests with its unique and exclusive services.

For more information and reservations, Concierge Dpt.: T +34 93 488 1717 (ext. 2246) · [email protected]
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